Village Vista: Kristin’s October Update

Dear Ladies,

Hello from the Southern Hemisphere! It has been a long time since I sent a personal update. So here goes.

As you are approaching cooler days; we are entering hot summer. We are very thankful that after a year of drought, we are beginning to have rain again. The storms carrying this rain have been very intense nationwide. There has been a lot of damage from high winds, hail, and lightening.

We are getting ready for a furlough. It’s hard for us to believe that it’s been 5 years since the last time. We are so looking forward to being back with everyone. We miss you! I get teary eyed just thinking about it. There are so many of you ladies that I’ve not yet met. It’s on the top of my list to get to know you.

It’s been a mission to juggle packing up the whole house while trying to do all the normal everyday things and keep up with school. We need to pack up everything, putting it all in storage, and give up our rental house.  The kids are such a big help, though, this time around.  We prefer to inventory every box we pack because after approximately a year, it’s hard to remember where ANYTHING is or what you even own. On a sad note though, we discovered that we will completely miss mango season. That is just tragic. You haven’t lived until you have had mango jam!

The kids are also very excited. Joel (12) is looking forward to seeing family and youth group. He is my voracious reader. He loves history. He enjoys making pancakes and is our resident smoothie maker. He is a big help to dad around the house. Anna (10) is looking forward to spending time with family most of all. She is my animal lover; namely dogs and horses. She is a great baker and kitchen helper. She loves to play the piano as well. Luke (7) is looking forward to seeing Grandma & Grandpa Pierfy and other family. He keeps us laughing with his sense of humor. He is always up for a board game at any moment. He is also a huge 1000-piece puzzle fan. In fact, he wants to be a puzzle doer when he grows up. They will greatly miss our dogs, Ginger and Cocoa. Pray if you would for someone to care for them while we’re gone. We know the Lord cares about the little details as well.

We will miss the people we love here very much. It’s difficult to say goodbye to both our African brothers and sisters in Christ and to our fellow missionary friends. How we wish sometimes we could mesh the two worlds! We love to have visitors for this very reason. Hint! Hint! When we return, you’re all invited! In the meantime, we look forward to sharing the people and the work of the Lord with you when we return.

With Love,
Kristin Hammett


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  1. Hello from the Northern Hemisphere where we are facing such similar circumstances of packing and participating in last minute farewells and fellowships. Such an emotional time it can be! (Thought you’d enjoy a bit of “Dutchy” talk!) Praying for you all…with love and understanding.

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