Will They Matter on Judgment Day?

The clothes that you bought,
The classes you taught,
The honors you sought on the way;
The courses you passed,
The wealth you amassed,
Will they matter on Judgment Day?

The games that you played,
The scores that you made,
The hours you frolicked in play;
The cars you adored,
The pars that you scored,
Will they matter on Judgment Day?

The trumpet will sound,
Saints rise from the ground,
All works at His feet they will lay:
Some deeds will be burned,
Some crowns will be earned,
When God gives rewards on that Day.

The shock of great loss,
The skimming of dross,
The burning of stubble and hay;
The gift of a crown,
The glance of a frown,
These will matter on Judgment Day.

The souls that are saved,
The taunting you braved,
The tears for the sheep gone astray;
The verses you learned,
The evils you spurned,
These will matter on Judgment Day.



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