Trusting God even when Life Hurts

Life is rough; it’s often so hard to bear,
And we often question, does God really care?
If He loves me, why do I have this unending trial?
Couldn’t He leave me alone every once in a while?

Is it really possible He knows what is right to do?
Why then does He allow me this pain to go through?
Does He really control all on this earth, as some people claim?
Is there all-reaching power in His great, holy name?

A dear family member, who is wracked with much pain,
A friendship once so sweet, now tense under strain,
Unanswered prayers, that weigh one so far down,
Work stress, worry reflected in the boss’ stern frown.

A baby lost at the beginning before his chance at life,
Relatives loudly argue, glorying in constant strife,
The doctor’s report returns with only bad news,
The husband’s job he finds he soon will have to lose.

A tragic car accident causes loss of life and of limb,
A fatherless child weeps with longing for him,
The soldier’s wife wonders if she’ll see him come home,
The anxious parents wonder where their children may roam.

When the tears start flowing over these burdens we feel,
And under life’s hard blows we stumble and reel,
When all seems lost to despair, darkness, and sorrow,
And there remains not an ounce of strength for the morrow.

NOW is the time to trust God through it all,
NOW is the time His precious name we must call,
NOW is the time to find the promises in His Word,
NOW is the time to believe that we are heard.

Can you TRUST God? You may want to know,
Can He fulfill His promises through weal and through woe?
Can YOU trust God? He simply asks in reply,
Will you choose to trust Me, though there’s no reason why?

Consider a moment My all-sovereign power,
I remain in control through each day and each hour;
I hold all nations, kingdoms, and rulers to My sovereign will,
When natural disasters occur, then I am God still.

When people hurt or wrong you, and enemies assail,
Still know and believe that My will doth ever prevail;
Though sorrows and heartbreak cause your heart to be bowed,
My sovereignty’s sure, though these by Me are allowed.

But before you begin to resent My sovereign control,
(Do remember, I am the Creator of every person’s soul),
In addition to power, complete wisdom I possess,
I know how to direct each difficulty and distress.

Though you may not understand, know I’m wiser than you,
I always have a good purpose in all that I do;
My incomprehensible plan may seem to shed little light,
But in My infinite wisdom, I will always do what is right.

You may recognize My control and know My wisdom too,
But remember this also in the hardships you go through –
I love you, My child, do not doubt that at all,
So when pressed by the trial, let this one thought enthrall.

In the joyful times, remember my unending love,
Remember each good gift is sent from above;
But in the bad times, then still know it is true,
Still know I am working and take courage anew.

What love I offer you! Such love none can compare!
Infinite and measureless are My compassion and care!
I proved My love by sending My Son to the cross to die,
Love for you and glory for Me were the only reasons why.

So, answer Me this, can YOU truly trust Me?
Will you choose to trust without reasons you see?
I, in My sovereignty, wisdom, and love, know what is best,
Trusting Me is your only task, leave to Me all the rest.

Dear Lord, in Your Word, Your Sovereignty is known,
And true wisdom, I now recognize, comes from You all alone;
And, oh Lord, when I think of Your love shown to me,
I weep with joy, while humbly bowing my heart and my knee.

I can trust God! I determinedly proclaim,
Through the good and the bad, it still stays the same;
He’s made me in His image and designed a perfect plan,
And to thank and to praise Him, I assuredly can.

So, in the moments of struggle, trial, sorrow, or pain,
If we choose to trust God, we have only to gain;
He will do all for His glory and our eternal good,
And we will be blest, when before Him we’ve stood.



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