To a Teenage Girl –
by Sue Meadowcroft

You may not believe that a woman of my age (over 60) can still remember even being a teenager, but I do. The mind is an amazing thing and is just like a computer. Once things are stored in your mind they stay there forever. If I had my life to live over again I would be a lot more careful with what I exposed my mind, body, and spirit to.

I wasn’t raised in a Christian home, but I had wonderful parents who tried to teach me good character and values. By the time I was about 14 years old, my desires were no longer to please my parents, but rather to please ME. I wanted to be popular, have lots of cool friends and do what made me happy.

I started out slowly rebelling, but it didn’t take long for me to master the art of sneaking around, lying to my parents and making wrong friends. I felt guilty but not enough to stop my behavior. After high school I went away to school and my behavior got worse. I ended up leaving school, becoming pregnant, and getting married to someone I didn’t love. I was divorces by the time I was 21. I had a lot of baggage including a 3-year-old child.

I remarried when she was 5 years old and by the end of the first year of marriage I was unhappy and wondering if this marriage was going to work. An amazing event took place around the time if our fist anniversary. A co-worker of my husbands came to our home and spoke to my husband about what God’s plan for our life was. My husband got saved that night. I thought about what was said to us and realized that all the plans I had for my life were not working. I also accepted Christ as my Savior.

That was 40 years ago.

Through good times and hard times I now had a reason for living, and a power given to me by God to resist all the temptations that life put in our way.

It makes me sad but I can still remember a lot of what I did as a teenager. Remember what I said that the mind is like a computer: full of decades of memories. I wish I could delete lots of those memories. My prayer for you and anyone starting out in life is to guard your heart and mind, so that you don’t fill it with thoughts and memories that you can never forget.

As a older adult I watch the teens in our church. It is very obvious which teens are trying hard to maintain a good testimony and which are just putting in their time at church. I hope that you are a teen who wants to please the Lord as well as your parents.

Please protect your heart and mind from all the evil that is available today. Most importantly, make sure that you are really saved. I know for a fact it is impossible to have victory in your life without Christ.

Our teens are in our prayers.

Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.Proverbs 4:23


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