For Women Only: Do You Stink?

Did you know we all are smelly? We all give off a scent. It can be pleasant or unpleasant. Now I have a poor sniffer so please feel no self consciousness around me; I barely notice smells.

God uses scent to describe things. God says our hearts have an odor. Often the sense of smell is used to invoke emotions and it stimulates memory as well.

Houses have a smell. Cultures prefer certain odors. It’s a big deal. It is big enough that it should cause us to pay some attention. Please, I know we all think we don’t smell, but take a survey as you read down. Let it be your sweet spirit that others notice, not your offensive smell.

Let’s work from the top down. Your hair picks up odors. It is porous. Does it smell like grease? Smoke? Wet dog? Regular washing of your hair and some fresh air do a world of good in having clean and clean-smelling hair. A quick fix, if you need to, is going outside and let fresh air blow through your hair. Hair gives off more scent than most people realize.

How about your breath? Are you hungry? Hunger breath is a clear sign that you are hungry. You are NOT burning fat. It is muscle you are destroying. Eat! Do you need dental work done? If you can bear the pain, salt water washes can detox the area until you can get the work done. Do you drink coffee? Do you live on garlic and onions? They may be wonderful for our health, but not all people process it through well. On some people, the smell can linger and linger. How about brushing your teeth? Do you? Often breath is a reflection of your health. Sickness breath has a smell. Pay attention to your breath, others do.

A sweet humble heart before God makes your physical appearance a lower priority to others.

Underarms can cause a heap of scent. Get control of them. Start with washing them with soap, every day. Some soaps are better than others. Experiment. Put on deodorant immediately out of the shower (before you start to smell). Also, not all deodorant products work the same. Sometimes bad odor in the underarms is a sign of unbalanced hormones, bacterial infections and fungal infections. Then, make sure your shirt does not have a lingering odor. Smell them in the armpits. If it is washed and the armpits smell bad, it is ready for retirement or underarm I.C.U. Make sure your shirt is clean.

Now we come to our delicate private areas. Soap should be applied to all external surfaces, getting into all the nooks and crannies. Make sure your undergarments are clean. Sniff them before they go on, if it is a question. Some undergarment fabrics do not help, if you struggle with odors, they help smells to fester. When in doubt, go with cotton fabrics…cotton breathes. Also, make sure you are fastidiously clean during your cycle, knowing all parts have an odor. These areas are embarrassing, if they smell. Take a little extra care to be clean down there.

Now we get to our stinky feet. Are your shoes smelly even before you put them on your feet? Go through your shoes. Feel complete freedom to dispose of them if they smell. That is the shoes telling you they want to move on with their life. Let them go. The same principle applies to socks as all other types of cloth. Clean with no lingering odors. Wool socks are worth the investment, just don’t stick them in the dryer 🙂 Always begin with soap and water washing. Clean feet smell fine.

Just as love covers a multitude of sin, a sweet humble heart before God makes your physical appearance a lower priority to others. Give me a kind smelly kid any day over a sweet smelling brat! But let’s not have our odor to be a stumbling block to others. An arm around a shoulder, a timely hug or a quiet conversation should be fully appreciated for the act of love it is, not endured with breath held. Take a little time and take a sniff.



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