What My Mom Has Taught Me through Example

In today’s culture we have the tendency to look up to certain famous people who exude grace and have this powerful presence. It can even be someone in our church, some peer, that we just think “Wow, it would be so cool to be like that person.” In my younger teen years, I could be guilty of this at certain times. As I got older, I realized there was someone who I had been witnessing my whole life but never took into account. My mother. It’s sad how we are so quick to praise someone we hardly know, yet overlook that one person in our life that God has placed in our lives to teach us the greatest lessons of all. When I saw my mother through a new point of view I started to remember many things in my childhood that she taught me that helped mold me into the person I am today.

How to be patient. As a missionary’s daughter, I had the unique experience of watching my parents constantly serving God. I witnessed many women come to my house to study the Bible with my mom. I sat patiently, waiting for my mom to finish up a lady’s meeting each Saturday. In the moment I was extremely bored and annoyed of having to wait for my mom’s attention. Then, I got to the age of being able to attend the ladies’ meeting, and I got to see my mother being a guide to ladies in need of help. I got to witness her patiently answering questions and explain why by using the Bible. It would sometimes take hours to explain something fully, and it’s always astounded me how she patiently listens and answers.

How to be attentive. My mom has always been keen to see if something is going wrong in a person’s life. She’s always been attentive to those in the church and their needs, and ready to help them in whatever way she could. Also, she’s always been attentive to her children. My mom has always been there for me when I needed to talk. She’s always made time to listen to any of her children no matter what time of day.

How to be a mother.
Isn’t that the ultimate lesson our mothers teach us? I don’t have a family of my own yet, but I know when the time comes, it’s the many lessons of motherhood she has taught me through her actions that will help. She has taught me the importance of praying for her children. Also, that motherhood is a service by taking care of us and clothing us and nurturing us. Lastly, she has taught me that ultimately children belong to God, and He is in control of their lives, and all mothers can do is teach them His ways.

My mom has always been there for me when I needed to talk.

I love my mom very much. She has been my counselor, my comforter, but also my best friend. In a family of all males, we’ve had to stick close, and I’m thankful we have formed a special bond. She has prayed for me and has listened to my dreams and encouraged me to pray and seek God’s leadership over them. She has uplifted me with words of kindness and also has helped me realize things by being honest with me.

Thank you, Mom, for being such a woman of faith and of example! I love you!

About Hannah Castner

Hannah has lived most of her life on the mission field with her family, both in Chile, South America, and Botswana in southern Africa. Currently, she is pursuing online college courses, while continuing to help in the ministry work. She enjoys reading and writing in her spare time.


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