My Mom, My Friend

I want to start off by saying that I am truly blessed with the parents God has given me. I know that in our day and age the upbringing that I was able to enjoy is a truly rare thing.

Growing up, my mom included me in the things that she was doing. And now that all of us kids are grown and my brothers each have left home to begin their own homes, I have had more of an opportunity to spend quality time with my mom.

As I look back to my childhood, I am so very thankful that she allowed me to grow into the woman God made me to be. At a young age my mom must have recognized that we were quite a bit different from each other. Instead of trying to change me into something she thought I ought to be, she instead chose to help mold me into what God would have me to be. I realize now that this was probably not the “easy or simple” path. It may at times have even been a bit embarrassing for her. Despite this, she loved me through those hard times and for the person I was on the inside, including all of my… uniqueness. ☺ This has greatly impacted the person I am today. I look around me and recognize that there are many different pressures from the world for kids to be someone they are not. I fear that sometimes this can also be true in our homes as well. Being secure in who I am – knowing that I am loved by my parents and God – has allowed me to have a confidence as a grown woman that has gotten me through some very difficult situations. I’ve also had the pleasure of “getting to know” my mom as a grown woman, and I’ve loved every minute of it. We enjoy spending time together, visiting with each other and often sharing our hearts. I am so thankful for God’s blessing in my life in not only giving me my mom, but also in giving me my best friend.

About Sarah Davies

Besides having a successful career as a nurse for over 10 years, Sarah puts her love for interior design into practice at church with decorating and remodeling projects. She also enjoys helping out in the church office, serving at youth camps, singing, and fancy shoes.


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