God’s Astounding Goodness

Dear Ladies,

Greetings! The question for this avid reader, but procrastinator & sometimes negligent writer is always – What do I write about? It’s often been said – Write what you KNOW about. So here goes…

God’s goodness to this missionary wife over the last 34 years has been astounding. This year marks the halfway point in me and my husband’s Christian lives. We’ve spent half of those years serving the Lord at LVBC and the other half in neighboring Schuylkill County. The last few months have been ESPECIALLY BLESSED as we have seen two SAVED and BAPTIZED and growing FASTER than weeds.

Ella Lytle, a 7 year old, is one of the two and is an encouragement to me. She serves at HBC faithfully… playing the bells, piano, and specials at the nursing homes. Her Mom found this poem in her home school papers to be graded and I loved it so much I’ve asked permission to submit it with my article. If she is this good at such a young age, perhaps I can get her to write for me in the future. 🙂

Ella’s Tribute to Jesus
Thank-you Lord for all you’ve done for me;
You died on a cross called Calvary.

The tree you bore— just for me
So did you there to set me free.

We can’t repay what you have done.
Not me – nor my family; Not anyone

We love you very much, but you love us more
We can tell by the cross you bore.

We can also tell in many ways;
But most of all by the price you paid.

God’s goodness to this missionary wife over the last 34 years
has been astounding.

Our other recent convert, Matthew, has been a special encouragement to our whole church and especially to the other young men. He has single-handedly revitalized our visitation program and greatly encouraged Austin and Nathan.

We ask our faithful sisters and brothers to continue to pray for our 4th young man, Alan, as it appears he will require a liver transplant. Many of you have not only prayed but encouraged him and his parents with phone calls, cards and visits and they are very grateful for our extended family at LVBC.

We are starting to plan for the organization of Haven Baptist into an Independent church and could use your prayers in this endeavor. In the meantime thanks for being our parent church as we celebrate both Mother’s and Father’s Day.

Thank-you from the bottom of my heart,
Sue, for all the Gables & HBC


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  1. Great poem and tender heart. Praying for your family and ministry. God Bless You!

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