A Letter of Thanks

Dear Dad & Mom,
(Bob & Cindy Pierfy)

As I raise my own children now, I realize just how much you did in raising us.

For a long time I’ve wanted to write a letter to say how thankful I am.

Thank you for leading me to God.
Thank you for introducing me to the Lord. My earliest memories are of you Dad, praying with me at bedtime. Thank you for having Christian music always in our home. Thank you for the memories forever etched of my mother and father reading their Bibles every morning. When I was at the point of great rebellion as a young teenager, thank you for bringing me to a church where I could hear the Word of God and meet the Master. My life was transformed by Him. Thank you Mom, for doing that Bible study with me that forever changed the course of my life.

Thank you for protecting me.
There is so much I never realized that you protected me from. I will always be grateful for that. You watched out for my friendships, influences, and kept me from the filth of the entertainment world. You took us out of the public school system at a crucial point in my life. It was so much more difficult for you to do so. There are many heartaches that I was spared and will never have to face. This is because of you.

Thank you for your sacrifice.
It was a financial sacrifice I’m sure to send us to a private Christian school. I’m sure there were lots of others things you could’ve done with the money. Home schooling us in high school were some of the best memories ever. That was a huge sacrifice of time. I now realize that more than ever. But I am grateful for those years and the time we got to spend together. Thanks for all the music lessons, missions trips, camps, family vacations and everything in between. Things like dentists and health care – you took such good care of me. When the Lord called George and I to Africa as missionaries, you sacrificed even more by making countless trans-Atlantic flights to visit the grandkids – and us.

Thank you for your generosity and care to us and others.
I’m sure gifts are both of your love languages as you both always give so generously to others and to us. Oftentimes I am just overwhelmed. I want to have the same generosity. I’m grateful for all the times you opened your home to family, friends, and strangers. It prepared me to open my home for many others on the mission field.

Thank you for dinner together almost every night.
There were a lot of things you could’ve been doing every evening, but you both were home. I remember fondly those fun baked potato dinners the few times dad was away for work.

Thank you for the memories.
Every family has these but I love ours. We have probably millions that there wouldn’t be space to record here. But I now know just how much work it was to pack up half the house to go camping. 🙂

Thank you for teaching me that the Yankees are the only team worth cheering for. Go Yankees!

But most of all THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE !! Happy Mother’s & Father’s Day!

I love you always!
Kristin Hammett


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  1. This is so precious Kristen – no gift that cost thousands of dollars could ever repay these sweet words and for honoring your Mom and Dad ! You and your hubby have always been a blessing to us. Thank you !
    Lovingly, Audrey Silcox

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