You Don’t Do What?!?!

We are natural health people. shocked-face-2

As a general rule….we don’t take medicine…we don’t vaccinate…we take supplements …we are careful eaters…we exercise, and we get adjusted. A common misconception is that these choices (yes, choices) are the result of laziness, ignorance or apathy. It is quite the contrary. So I thought I would give some reasons why we do, what we do. And my strongest opinion on this is that each parent/person needs to make their own personal choice. When push comes to shove, we all must bear our own personal responsibility for the choices we make.

We don’t take medicine.

There are times that medicine is needed, but as a general rule, I am not quick to hand out pills. ALL pharmaceuticals have side effects. If we take care of our bodies, a lot of problems can be avoided. Antibiotics destroy intestinal flora. Steroids lower your natural immune system. Many pain pills are addictive, and often the list of side effects is not worth having the actual thing. Many afflictions and ailments have natural methods that work exceptionally well to rid or heal. For example, if I pay attention, headaches can be avoided by making sure I eat, exercise and get adjusted. A pain pill is not needed. I am not putting down anyone who has headaches. They do have causes, and it is a disservice to not search out the root cause.

We don’t vaccinate.

Vaccines are based on research that having a small version of the disease gives you immunity so you don’t get the full blown disease. The diseases are rough! I thoroughly understand not wanting them. One of the problems is the injection of serum generated on aborted baby tissue bypasses the bodies natural method for disease exposure. Secondly, the fact that there are multiple strains of the disease but they only vaccinate you against one. Thirdly, the serums can carry unscreened diseases that are then injected into the bloodstream. Many of the vaccinated diseases are hard to bear. I do understand not wanting them. Vaccines were initially designed for the immunosuppressed, which I am not. I am not unempathetic to a parent with an immunosuppressed child, but suppressing my immune system will not heal theirs. We all have to take personal responsibility for our health and the health of our children.

vitaminsWe take supplements.

We are proactive in building out health. There is a lot more to health than just not being ill. We take specifically chosen supplements to build our immune system. We take naturally anti-viral and antibiotic supplements. I have spoken about my favorites in past articles, but the general concept is to not spend my life fighting disease but to build health so I am not as likely of a candidate. I want to be a poor host!

We are careful eaters.

I am not negating the eating of what I have with thanksgiving, but if I put the wrong fuel in my car, I would not be surprised if it runs poorly. In like manner, I cannot just put any old swill in by body for fuel and expect it to run right. I am aware of the fiscal cost of eating right, but have you priced being sick?!?!! Avoiding sugar was the first step I took in altering my diet for the good. It is amazing how many places it creeps up and how hard it is to avoid. Let’s also not neglect how many occasions involve sugar. If you have enough relatives and holidays, you can have cake weekly! If you are cutting sugar, it gets easier. There is a good book called Sugar Blues, Written in the 70’s, I think, that really will motivate you. You have to be ruthless. No exceptions. Done. It’s like alcohol, you just don’t. This is the tip of the iceberg in eating well, but you must start somewhere if you ever want to get anywhere.

We exercise; everyday, hard and give our all.

Ability obviously varies by person, but we can all try our best. We live in a society that is physically easy. And as we age we have to put in more effort to achieve similar results. There is no resting on our laurels. I cannot emphasize the importance of finding something you enjoy. I failed as a runner for years before I discovered I enjoy cycling. If you are grouchy and you hate everything, you have to bear it, sorry.

We get adjusted.

Our bodies require maintenance. Cars get asymmetrical and so do our bodies. Even wear and tear on joints is a huge benefit. Decreased stress on the nervous system is very helpful. I have personally had easier cycles, decrease back pain, removed headaches and easier inspiration all from adjusting. And that’s just my body.

If you are apathetic, illness will just happen to you. Also, there are some things out of our control, but as a general rule, in my experience, most health issues are chosen by neglect and an attitude of not taking responsibility for our bodies. As hard as it is to hear, we have to grow up sometimes and do the wise thing. Choose well. One saying I have heard often is that “if I knew I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself.”


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