“The LORD is my…”

During my recent Bible reading through Psalms, I was struck again by a phrase that David used over and over throughout the book. Often, he would recount a problem he was going through and then he would say, “The LORD is my _____.” Or he would be praising God and would use that phrase also: “The LORD is my _____.”

In describing the LORD this way,  David referred to the LORD as… 

Those are just a few of the ones that I have marked in my Bible.  These things give us a picture of David’s relationship with God. And they should talk about our relationship with God.

As I started thinking about that phrase, “The LORD is my _____” I was reminded of three things:

It is Personal

David had a personal relationship with the LORD.  This is denoted by the word MY.  The LORD is MY fortress. The LORD is MY strength. The LORD is MY shepherd.  David was not talking about something that someone else had related to him or told him about.  It was what he had experienced in his own life.  His relationship with God was personal.

David knew that whatever situation he faced, God was right there with him. If he needed a rock, God would be his rock. If he needed a high tower, God would be his high tower.  If he needed to be delivered, God would be his deliverer.  If he needed light, God would be his light.

It is Present

This is denoted by the word IS. The LORD IS my shepherd. The LORD IS my God. He did not say, The LORD was my shepherd or the LORD will be my shepherd, pointing to something that would be happening in the future. His relationship with God was not something in the past or something in the future. It was right then—present tense—in whatever situation he was facing.  David knew that God was always with him and he could cry out to him at any time and God would answer.

That is not to say that David could not look to his past and remember what God had done in the past for him. And it also does not mean that David was afraid that God would leave him sometime in the future. But it was surely a comfort for him to know that right then—right at that present moment—God was with him and would meet his needs.

It is Powerful

All the words that David uses to describe what the LORD is to him speak of our powerful God and His character.

As a shield, God protected David.  As a high tower, God provided protection from David’s enemies. As his strength, God helped David to overcome the giants in his life. As his light, God guided his way. As his shepherd, God provided for his every need.

I am so thankful that I serve a God who is Personal, a God that knows me personally. I am also thankful that my God is Present with me wherever I go and in whatever situation I face, He is right there with me. And I am thankful that I serve a God that is Powerful—nothing is too hard for my God!

I hope those thoughts are an encouragement to you as they were to me.  And if you don’t have a relationship with a God that is personal, present, and powerful, I encourage you to find out more about the God of the Bible. You will never be sorry!


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