Our Missionaries’ Needs

That all the people of the earth may know that the Lord is God, and that there is none else. [1 Kings 8:60]

our missionaries needs

Do you hear them pleading, pleading

Not for money, comfort, power,

But that you, O Christian worker

Will but set aside an hour

Wherein they will be remembered

Daily at the throne of grace,

That the work which they are doing

In your life may have a place?

Do you know that they are longing

For the sympathetic touch

That is theirs when friends are praying

In the homeland very much.

That our God will bless the efforts

They are making in His Name,

And that souls for whom they’re working,

With His love may be aflame?

Do you see them seeking, seeking,

For the gift of priceless worth

That they count of more importance

Than all other gifts of earth?

Not the gold from rich men’s coffers,

Nor the relief from any care – 

‘Tis a gift that you can give them,

‘Tis the Christian’s daily prayer.


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