Got Tomatoes?

It’s salsa making time and most of you know that my husband loves salsa.

He’s also a little particular about the ones that he likes, and the store bought varieties are either not spicy enough or taste too much like vinegar. Years ago, when we were newly married I set out to find a homemade recipe to can. After trying a few, I came across this one that uses lemon juice instead of vinegar to increase the acidity. Success! Though I don’t remember where I first found this recipe, I do remember it was tested for canning safety. If you enjoy canning you might want to give this recipe a try!

Salsa with lemon juice

:::medium or mild depending on strength of jalapeños:::


7 qts peeled, cored, and chopped paste/ roma tomatoes

4 cups seeded long green chile – poblanos can be substituted

1/2 cup finely chopped seeded jalapeños

5 cups chopped onions

6 cloves minced garlic

3 Tlb oregano leaves

2 Tlb fresh cilantro leaves

2 Tlb salt

1 Tlb black pepper

2 Tlb ground cumin

2 cups bottled lemon juice (NO substitutes!)


Combine all ingredients except spices and simmer 20 min or until desired consistency is reached. Add spices and lemon juice and bring to boil, but do not boil down.

Place in clean hot pint jars leaving 1/4 in headspace. Process 15 minutes in a water bath. Make sure water completely covers jar lids and begin timing after water has reach a full boil. Be sure to test lids for a complete seal after they have cooled.

Spicy/ Hot variation:  You can use your own combination of spicy peppers, but it MUST total 4 1/2 cups of peppers as per the original recipe. The following is the combination we likes the best.

1/4cup habanero

1 cup jalapeño

3 1/4cup long green chile or poblano

Tips and tricks: Peel and de-seed the tomatoes the day before and let them sit overnight.  The water content will separate and reduce the time necessary to boil down. Chop all the onions and peppers in small batches using the food processor. Use gloves for the hot peppers.  Do not use bell peppers or sweet vidalia onions as there is too much water content.


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