Send Them to Bed With a Kiss

send them to bed

O mothers, so weary, discouraged,

Worn out with the cares of the day,

You often grow cross and impatient,

Complain of the noise and the play;

For the day brings so many vexations,

So many things going amiss;

But mothers, whatever may vex you,

Send the children to bed with a kiss!

The dear little feet wander often,

Perhaps, from the pathway of right,

The dear little hands find new mischief

To try you from morning till night;

But think of the desolate mothers

Who’d give all the world for your bliss,

And, as thanks for your infinite blessings,

Send the children to bed with a kiss!

For some day their noise will not vex you,

The silence will hurt you far more;

You will long for their sweet childish voices,

For a sweet childish face at the door;

And to press a child’s face to your bosom,

You’d give all the world for just this!

For the comfort ’twill bring you in sorrow,

Send the children to bed with a kiss!


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