May the Lord Find Us Faithful

Several months ago, a missionary lady shared this true story about her mother. Though I don’t know Ms. Andrews personally, I asked for her permission to share this. It was too good not to share!

He is the Lord of the Harvest. This is all for Him. May the Lord find us faithful!!

Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that He will send forth labourers in to His harvest. – Matthew 9:38

sowing seeds

Ms. J. Andrews 4:15 pm March 1

I just wanted to share with you a most amazing true story to encourage those of you have labored for years with very little outward fruit to show for it.

My mom teaches at a Christian school where an elderly Burmese immigrant works as a cleaning lady. The lady can speak very little English. My mom’s heart was drawn to her so she began to reach out to her in little ways. Soon, the cleaning lady would come talk to my mom because she enjoyed practicing English with a person who cared about her. One thing my mom always likes to hear is how people came to know Christ. So one day, my mom asked her.

The elderly lady, not knowing how to relate things in English clearly, looked at me and eventually said with a quizzical look, “Mr. Judson?” It took my mom a while, and then my mom said, you can’t mean Adoniram Judson, can you? You aren’t old enough!” The lady smiled. “No, I never knew Mr. Judson. But my grandma as a young girl did and came to know Jesus. She grew to love to study her Bible and after Judson’s death, she continued to study her Bible. Eventually, others came to this woman and she became the village Bible teacher and passed the love of Christ down through her family eventually to this dear old lady, her great granddaughter.”

Judson might not have ever believed that an elderly Burmese lady who could trace her faith family back to him would hum songs of the Christian faith while cleaning the halls of a Christian school in the United States, but he was faithful to what he could see despite the hardships. He probably would have never dared to dream that this little girl who came to know Christ would continue to learn about the Bible he so faithfully translated and pass it down through her family.

You never know what God will do with the seeds He allows you to plant! Keep at it ladies!


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