Run to Christ

run to christ

At the call of alarm; A disastrous fail;

When human aid is of no avail –

Run to Christ.

Tragic news; A loved one lost;

For strength and help to bear the cross –

Run to Christ.

A relationship held by just a thread,

The sparks of love are falling dead –

Run to Christ.

When money is scarce, the job on edge.

The future dark, hid by a hedge –

Run to Christ.

Frail health o’ertakes, and questions fly;

When hearts with heavy burden’s sigh –

Run to Christ.

If words and prayers seem not to lead,

That wandering soul to Jesus’s feet –

Run to Christ.

When spirits are sunk in deep despair,

If all is dark, your joy not there –

Run to Christ.

Run to Christ with fears and dread.

Find peace and grace, His mercy beg –

Oh, Run to Christ.

A last-resort, Christ should not be,

But seek Him first, and eagerly –

Yes, Run to Christ.

There is no better place to go.

No other answer here below.

No other way for us to grow,

So, Run to Christ.

You’ll not regret your solemn vow,

To come in prayer with furrowed brow.

Retreat to Him, the time is now –

Please, Run to Christ.


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