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With all this outdoor activity as summer rounds the corner kitchens are at risk of neglect. These breezy warm days are the perfect setting to give your cabinets a summer scrub!

I have discovered cabinet surfaces to range from indestructible to light-sweep-with-a-damp-cloth-ONLY! As always, test your cleaning method on an inconspicuous part of the cabinet first! Many cleaners advertised for multi-surface cleaning will do little for your cabinets; some cabinets will get a fog after using the wrong cleaner.  Find what works best, add some elbow grease and make those cabinets shine!

kitchen cabinets2Warm soapy water is my go to, use a terry cloth or other such textured rag. Have any of you tried magic erasers on your white cabinets?  Give it a try if you haven’t! Or try a solution with a small amount of vinegar and a drop or two of soap, add lemon for scent! Cabinets take a lot of abuse; regular maintenance is the key for long lasting surfaces. Even clean cabinets can use a regular detailing. Clean cabinets make such a noticeable difference!

After the scrub may I recommend some Murphy’s Oil Soap? The oil soap is currently my favorite clean scent, cabinets generally love it. If you find your surfaces finicky about cleaners try dampening a soft cloth with a water/oil soap solution and lightly rub the cabinets down. As with all wood, never load up on cleaners or water, damp rag only! If you find that there is moisture sitting on the wood as you work, follow your damp rag with a clean dry one and buff until dry.


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