Is Your Fruit Sweet or Sour?


Which flavor describes your disposition?

Is your tell-tale “taste” encouraging and inviting to others, or does it send them away, disgusted and disillusioned? Our commitment to Christ is reflected in the spirit that seeps out of us.

Sin is very much like an unruly weed which creeps into a fruit 4healthy garden. Its presence is initially unnoticed, but soon the damage becomes evident, its distortion unmistakable. Girls today have to watch out for the “weeds” which will surely entangle their testimony and affect their fruit – the outgrowth that is seen from a commitment made to follow Christ.

This book deals with with the numerous influences and issues (we call them weeds) that are commonly rooted within a teen girl’s heart. And answers them from the KJV Bible! God’s Word provides the “groundword” for a healthy and bountiful spiritual garden. Allow your fruit to be sweet and complete in Him.

Cheerful fruit,mixed fruitsIs Your Fruit Sweet or Sour? , is a 12-week topical Bible study, which shows young women how to recognize and address these problem areas, while encouraging them to maintain a Christ-centered and God-honoring testimony. This book can be used for individual and small group study, 7th-12th grade Sunday school curriculum, or for mother-daughter Bible study.


What are teen girls saying about it?

One of the things I liked about this book is that it’s really easy to relate to. The author included stories, comparisons, and outlines to make it easy to understand and remember. – Age 13

What I enjoyed most about the book, “Is Your Fruit Sweet or Sour?” was the amount of scripture they used. The author did not just write about personal opinions or preferences. They used Bible verses to prove each point. This was a blessing because it is important to me to know that God is behind what I’m learning. – Age 15

This book was such an encouragement and blessing! I loved how in the beginning, it helps you understand where you are at spiritually.  It gives you a clear picture of your strengths and also areas that you could use work on. It encourages you to strive to reach your fullest potential as a Christian. A definite must read! – Age 18

 This book is available at Book Heaven.


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  1. Hey! I just happened to come upon this webpage and loved reading the reviews!! I am the author and publisher of “Is Your Fruit Sweet or Sour?” and am so thankful that I responded to a burden I had to write this material for young women! I plan to write another book (it just seems to take me much longer than Book #1!!) for women of all ages, and it will address the struggle we have with self-esteem, and finding our worth in God’s eyes. Thank you for helping to get this book into the hands of the women who desire to draw closer to God and walk in His ways!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Karen! We thoroughly enjoyed your book and it has become a great resource for me as I continue to work with teen girls. Please let us know when your new book comes out! God bless you 🙂

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