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The book of Nahum is such a dark, drab picture. It seems sort of like the headlines of today’s newspaper, the breaking stories on Fox, and the alarming things on social media. A world that is calling good evil and evil good. A world that is defying God and what He declares as right and wrong. Destruction, disease,  and uncertain times are becoming the topics of more conversations than one cares to have. Both hemispheres are finding this true. It is also a widespread reality that contemplating these things without God in the picture will cause despair and fear. Against a  backdrop such as this, I read this striking verse.

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Here is a wonderful Truth about our God. “He knoweth them that trust in Him…” Knowing us as a group would be beautiful enough. Yet in the midst of a world headed for destruction, He knows YOU. He perceives and sees ME. Amazing! We are told in Psalm 139 He knows our downsitting and our uprising. He understands our thoughts afar off. He compasses our path and our lying down. He’s acquainted with all our ways. Again, He knows them that trust in Him. We can make it look right. We can make it sound right. We can even attempt to do it right. We ladies are so good at that. BUT God looks over all of this mass of humanity and He knows those who are trusting. Are we trusting – looking outside of ourselves to the Lord for help and peace? It’s been said  that above all we must see Him and we must see Him above all.

Genesis 49:22-24 – “The archers have sorely grieved him [Joseph], and shot at him, and hated him: But his bow abode in strength, and the arms of his hands were made strong by the hands of the mighty God of Jacob…” Truly Joseph’s life was a wonderful example of this.

Tozer writes, “Why do ask for God to be near, for God’s presence, when He already said He would be. Rather we should ask for us to sense His presence. To see His hand. To have eyes open to see where He’s at work.”


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