Winter Resolutions


Are any of you already discouraged over your failing New Year resolutions? Maybe some of the things you were so inspired into doing while holiday spirits soared don’t seem half exciting mid-January. Sound familiar? It is high time to grab some tea or favorite nut snack and pause to think things out. We are talking ten minutes.

Jot out a handful of new things that you learned or places explored last year, things that you really enjoyed doing.

Schedule one of those new things into your near future. Now consider those things which seem to loom ominously over you be they projects unfinished or projects to start. Stop at two or three, more than a couple gets depressing. If nothing immediately comes to mind, mentally go through your daily routine at home or place of business and think of what drives you absolutely crazy. Your junk drawer which is forever getting stuck, that pile of papers always on their way to the floor, or that mysterious bundle which falls from above every time you reach for your umbrella. Whatever the case may be, pick ONE to do and make a date.

I love open ended evenings, no pressure to make any appointments and there’s less distractions with everyone home for the evening. Maybe you are an early riser or the kids take naps, whenever, just don’t set yourself up for failure by making it too regimented that a necessary distraction via kiddo or dog throws all progress into stressful overload.

The most inspiring thing about a New Year resolution is the fact that people all over the world are also getting inspired to accomplish much.  That is accountability enough to get many goals jump-started.  Take advantage of that motivation and make a goal. Just make it realistic and specific. Goals that mean something personally will last longer than the goals made simply because they were a good idea.

When you’ve finished a project, let out a satisfied sigh, count your blessings and deliberately smile. It’ll help you start your next goal!


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  1. I did what you advised…and got that cup of coffee! Thanks for the inspiration and manageable motivation. Now it’s time…for another cup of coffee?? 😉 Um, no, but first thing on my list is writing that ladies article. 😀

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