A Tender Reminder


Mother: a heavenly calling; dispenser of love, cheer, hope; builder of a home, helper to all, counselor and friend.

As mothers, we can bring a bit of heaven to earth with our life passions and pursuits. Just as Jesus was the revelation of the Words of Truth found in the Old Testament, we are to be the fleshly testament of Jesus to this present sphere in which we serve.

The impressions made by Mother in these early, tender years of raising her heritage impress a truth upon the child’s heart and leave marks that shall never be erased. For good or for evil may this powerful influence be used.

Impressions are made in the small parts of our day. It is not in grand spaces of time with large noticeable stamps that these engravings are formed. Rather, the child, who is not busy about much in his day but ever-learning, ever-watching, ever-absorbing the air of influence about him. His eyes are always on you and his heart is always attuned to the very real, yet intangible energy in your home.

Speak softly, for tender ears are taking in each syllable and tone. Look with love in your eyes, for through them little eyes are seeing your heart. Bless the child with your tender touch as you would touch the delicate blossom in spring. Live honestly before him for his conscience must remain bright and alive to that which is good, honest, true and just.

Sleepers, wake! God is near. He calls to you this very day to join with Him in holy work: Love of God and love of man; performing the lowest duty as before His face. Forgetting self and lifting His name on high.

Sleepers, wake! Time is rushing onward like a vast, ungovernable rushing river. Live this day for Him and with Him. His Word your lamp. His love your guide. Humility your closest friend.

Though there is so much we understand not, there is yet so much we know. Live out the truths you know so well with an ever curious eye to that which will yet be revealed, and teach your children to do likewise.

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