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Summertime is a fabulous time to wash all those windows on your house! This article is going to highlight some off-the-shelf glass cleaners in three forms: spray, foaming (aerosol) and concentrate. Each of the featured items can be found at Home Depot unless otherwise noted.


invisible glass








My all-time favorite spray glass cleaner is Invisible Glass. This can be found at Home Depot, Weis, Giant and Redners. Invisible glass comes in a black spray bottle ready to use and it is very effective on glass and mirrors. If you do not see this solution in the cleaning aisle, check the automotive section. It has low fumes and a little goes a long way, two features which are very important if you use window cleaner often! A 22 oz. bottle at Home Depot costs $3.54. Prepare to have your windows made invisible! 🙂










When it comes to foaming glass cleaners, Spray Away takes the cake. Their glass cleaner does a really nice job everywhere, interior or exterior; no fuss and all shine. A 19 oz. can costs $2.39. It smells nice too!
Last week I was introduced to Dirtex by SAVOGRAN. Each 18 oz. can costs $3.98. Advertised as a heavy duty all-purpose cleaner this amazing foam blew all-purpose cleaners out of the water, so to speak. It can easily stand with the other honorable window cleaners. No streaks and tough on dirty mirrors. Dirtex stops at nothing.


Unger Window solution Pro








For the all-day event involving sponge and squeegee, I highly recommend getting a concentrate. Unger has a 32 oz. concentrate liquid window cleaning solution that works well and fast. Each 32 oz. bottle costs $5.96 and each bottle makes 25 gallons. This cleaner has proven itself year round on office windows off of a busy highway where salt, grime and exhaust dust are forever covering the windows.

There are so many fabulous cleaners out there! Hopefully some of these are new to you. Enjoy experimenting with something new. Two closing tips, avoid washing windows in direct sunlight and keep your tools clean while washing. Happy cleaning!


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