The Visit

For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known. – 1 Corinthians 13:12

ThroughAGlass Darkly

A chord has been struck. An ancient aire has been played upon my heart, upon my soul. Like a shrouded apparition, beauty has whisped through my entrapped soul causing me to briefly breathe in that celestial air from afar. The notes of the violin have brought their sweet message of purity, love, perfection and peace to my anxious imprisoned spirit. Like a gentle, quickening, spring breeze carrying the scent of the not-so-distant lilacs, I am struck with the knowledge of that which is to come; a brief glimpse into that land which we will inhabit for an eternity.
For but just a moment I am raptured from this earthen realm, this terra cotta form, into realms to which my sinful being is a stranger, a foreigner desiring to be let in to participate in all that is glory and beauty and light and reason and order. As the kite is swept to heights far greater than its strength can bear then dashed back to its sandy shore, I have visited that which is too great for my feeble frame to withstand.
This vision faire causes me to weep for that which cannot now remain. In my present condition I must return to dust, as that is fit and right for this sinful cloak that I must now wear. But beneath this sodden garb, far within this miry scope of my present living there is the everlasting me that hears the faint call of my perfect Lord in His perfect glory calling His perfect workmanship of clay to come forth; to stand before His glory and partake in His glorious love and perfect beauty. Here, I catch but the hinder parts of all that He is; but then, I shall see Him as He is.
I am a stranger wandering between two lands. The cold night air carries the occasional low notes of the land beyond to which I go. If I listen closely in my each and every day, I can catch the strain of the melody; the love notes of the One who perfectly ordains my path, calling me to bravely carry on till my journey ends in His fair land.


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