So Deep the Love of Christ



So deep the love of Christ for us,
Our sin he chose to bear.
When we had naught but hate and scorn,
Within our hearts to share.

His hand extended out to take,
His arms held open wide.
Yet sought we on another way,
Stuck up in all our pride.

So deep the love of Christ for us,
when we believed him not.
He yearned to take us as His own,
Yet rejection was quickly brought.

And on we’d go in selfish plight,
Unredeemed; unsaved.
With back turned on the only One,
Who’d free us from our chains.

So deep the love of Christ for us,
The day we finally be changed.
Accepted him with head hung low,
With humble heart we came.

With faith and hope, our heart made new;
Our feeble trust made strong.
Each sin forgiven, heaven gained
When we had been so wrong.

So deep the love of Christ for us,
E’en though we oft forget,
The sacrifice He chose to make;
We sin, and then regret.

O, may we lean upon this love,
And find His peace secure;
Then plumb the depths of heaven’s grace,
And daily find it sure.


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