One Thing That Hollywood Has Right!


What one positive thing can the ungodly, immoral, selfish, movie industry possibly provide for us Christian women of all ages and stages of our lives?

As I was thinking about a truth I could share with you, God reminded me of this account in Exodus 17:8-14.  This was where the Israelites were fighting against Amalek and God had told Moses to hold up his hands with the rod of God in it.  Whenever he held up his hand, Israel prevailed, but when he let down his hand, Amalek prevailed.  Aaron and Hur were up at the top of the hill with Moses and when they realized Moses’ hands were heavy they sat him upon a stone and they both (one on either side of Moses) stayed up his hands steadily until the going down of the sun!one thing hollywood

I parallel this account of Aaron and Hur with God’s role for women. God doesn’t ask us to be a “Moses,” or leaders in the church, on the mission field or even in the home. This doesn’t in any way mean that we are any less necessary in God’s design for mankind. Very simply, in the account of Moses and the fighting Israelite men, they couldn’t accomplish the task God had for them without the help and support of Aaron and Hur. The same is true of the work that God has for the church and the family. Our leaders need our help and so do our husbands and fathers. Ask God what He would have you do to support His work.

Now what does this have to do with the movie industry?

Those in the film industry have learned in their push for success that you can’t have a great movie with just one leading role, therefore they have supporting actors and actresses. They value these supporting personnel so much so that they have even given an Academy Award to the best one every year since 1936.
Perhaps we should appreciate those in supporting roles in the Christian life more and honor them as well.  I know God does; He even had Moses write down the account of the victory for a memorial (Exodus 17:14). I know for me, it is a joy to be able to support my husband in Schuylkill County as he preaches and teaches and attempts to build up Haven Baptist Church.
Thanks again for all of you who support us in prayer and through mission giving.  We couldn’t be here without you!


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