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Dear Ladies,
Greetings from a sunny and COOL Botswana! This is my favorite time of year. For a couple of months we wear our long sleeves, sweaters and sweat shirts. We enjoy cozy fires on the fireplace and hot coffee on cold mornings. It’s a great time to visit Africa! hint, hint

It’s also a time to get a lot of work done! We have been very busy working in a new village called Mmphane. On Tuesday afternoons, my husband teaches the men and I teach the ladies then we all come together for a service. On Sunday we attend the church here in Francistown then head out to a sister church in the village of Makobo. Earlier this month my husband held an all-day seminar on the Second Coming of Christ in the village of Makobo and the church of Francistown joined them. **See Map**

The church here in Francistown recently started having Wednesday night services. This is a step of growth for them and we are excited to see them moving forward towards being a church instead of just a Bible study group!

I have continued to teach the ladies on Thursday mornings. I have really enjoyed getting to know the ladies better through our study of the Word of God. It also has given me helpful insights into the African culture.

On the home front we are winding down to the end of our school year. Two of my children have finished and one is getting close! I’m proud of my children and the effort they have put into their school year. We are looking forward to having a few weeks off before we start up again the 1st of August.

We have visitors coming throughout June and July and we will be able to do some special ministry projects as well as visit some beautiful places in Botswana! It’s a joy and privilege to be the wife of a missionary and have the freedom to serve the Lord here in Africa.

As always, I can’t end my update without saying thank you for your prayers, cards and messages. We miss all of you!

Michelle Castner


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