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By Sue Gable

Dear Ladies,

I trust that you all had a blessed Thanksgiving holiday. The Gable family sure did. We were able to have all five of our children together around the table this year. With 15 of us this is getting more and more difficult. We were especially thankful that Sarah and her husband were willing to drive over 10 total hours to make that happen. While in PA Sarah was able to meet up with some of her friends, even Rachel Custer and her new husband, who as you know, were in PA at the same time. God has been so good to our family, everyone is healthy and my husband had Chris, Nathan, and Justin each lead in heart felt prayers prior to our full course dinner with a great majority of the dishes made by Jen, Jackie, Sarah & Rachel. I only had to make the turkey, stuffing, and PA Dutch filling. Jackie beautifully decorated the table with a homemade centerpiece, placemats, and name-tags. It sure was a blessed time together.

In answer to prayer, Nathan was able to switch to a day shift job at the Walmart Distribution Center thus enabling him to return to Thursday night services at Haven. The only drawback is instead of being in the refrigerator for four 10 hour nights he is now in the freezer (down to -20 F) for those four 10 hour days. The first week he wasn’t able to feel his feet but last week has been better.

It’s been good to have return visitors to our services lately. Please pray as we haven’t had any first time visitors in quite a long time.

It’s been a blessing to have had some additional revenues come into the church the last two months, but we are still quite a bit short for the year. My husband is willing to take a pay cut for 2014 but unless the Lord changes things even that won’t be enough to cover the deficits of 2013. We have seen the Lord do remarkable things for Haven Baptist Church over the years. We are just waiting on Him to see what He will do to meet our needs this time.

My husband is looking forward to teaching in the Bible Institute come January. This is always a blessing to us as he loves to teach and he is rewarded generously for his time by LVBC.  Thank-you just doesn’t seem enough for how much we appreciate being your missionary to Schuylkill County, but we couldn’t do it without your prayers and support.

May 2014 be the best year in our history in souls reached and lives changed for God’s glory!!

 Love in Christ,

Sue for the Gables and HBC


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