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By Sue Gable

Dear Ladies,

Our wonderful Lord has certainly been answering prayers recently. We have been blessed to have record attendance at Haven Baptist Church the last few months. Last Sunday we had an all-time high of 47 folks in the Sunday AM service. Please don’t stop praying as the visitors need to be committed to settling down and joining. Many of these folks would be great additions to our church. One of the visiting families even joined us at our quarterly nursing home service in June.

As far as other happenings, our daughter Rachel was blessed to be able to attend and graduate from EBA. A special thanks to all who made that possible for her. She will always be thankful for the privilege to participate in the school that many take for granted.  Rachel and Austin Stump will be joining the rest of the group on the mission trip to Mexico.  Please pray for both of these young people, especially Austin who has expressed a desire to be a missionary. He has never gone on a trip like this, nor does he have very much knowledge of how church planting missionaries operate. This could very well be a real eye opening, life changing trip for him.

As far as life changing events go, the last year has been that for me. Many of you have prayed for my mother over these last months as she battled with the mind altering disease of Lewy Body Dementia.  My family was able to find a very nice assisted living facility which served her well until the last 6 weeks of her life.  It turned out to be a very rapid decline at the end which was an answer to our prayers. My family and I are most grateful to those of you who sent cards, emails, and attended her funeral last month.  A special thanks to the missionary ladies for the large and extremely delicious fruit basket. It was so nice to be able to have all my favorite fruits right there in the middle of my table, making eating healthy during those weeks of grieving much easier. I can never say enough how the Lehigh Valley Baptist Church is the greatest missionary home church we could ever ask for.

And one more thing; “It’s a Jungle Out There VBS” was a great blessing to our Lytle family.  Ella had a great time- thanks to all who had a part in that week.

Love and thanks,
Sue for the Gable family and HBC


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