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By Kristin Hammett


Dear Ladies,

Four months have flown by! It’s hard to believe we’ve been back that long already.

If you were here to visit, I would be able to share some of our bountiful lemons with you (favorite lemonade recipe below).  We also have a huge bunch of bananas about ready to be harvested.  All this is right from our back yard! It’s pretty neat. We are enjoying this beautiful time of year. We have more exotic birds at this place than ever before.  What a Creator!

My kids are finishing up school for the year. It isn’t summer break though, it’s winter break! And like most homeschooling families, we have lots of ‘winter’ projects planned. We are also looking forward to some guests, some extra times of fellowship with other missionaries and a new puppy! Joel and Anna have been able to begin piano lessons again.  Joel has been busy with his sling shot and his wood working skills. Anna loves to craft, write letters, and read. Luke is in love with drawing. He’d do it all day, I think!

As always, there is much to do in the service of the King. It always amazes me how God directs our feeble steps to meet people who are hurting and seeking the Lord. There is a great freedom to speak about Christ here in public places still. My husband has had opportunities to speak to large student bodies at school as well as meet 3 times a week at a school board office because some of the officials want to know God and understand His Word! They invited him to come on their lunch break! Oh how we wish there were more like those!


My Favorite Lemonade recipe:
12 lemons, juiced
8 cups water
2 cups sugar
Pour water and sugar into blender.
Add lemon juice and BLEND!

No sugar syrups to cool first. 🙂


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