If You Go Not With Me…

Exodus 33:13-17 “Now therefore, I pray thee, if I have found grace in thy sight, show me now thy way, that I may know thee, that I may find grace in thy sight… And he said, My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest.

And he said unto him, If thy presence go not with me, carry us not up hence. For wherein shall it be known here that I and thy people have found grace in thy sight? is it not in that thou goest with us?

…And the LORD said unto Moses, I will do this thing also that thou hast spoken: for thou hast found grace in my sight, and I know thee by name.”

If You Go Not With Me…

Nina R. Hall

From(Nina Hall (ninarose18@gmail.com))_ID(229)_beautiful-young-woman-walking-on-rural-path-jill-battaglia

Oh, how I long for thy presence, O Lord –
To know that you guide every step.
Even in those small, daily choices I make
I want to reap joy, not regret.

 Like Moses, in the wasteland, I beg thee to be
By my side; at my back; in the lead.
Don’t let me move forward in my own desires – 
Your Will is what I want and plead.

 I shall not go conquer some quest on my own,
For I know I would fail every time.
You alone know the present, the past, and the future –
In faith, I place my hand in thine.

I want always to please you; and in you I trust.
I know that you’ll do what is best.
I look for, and wait on your kind, loving hand,
To lead – and until then…I rest.

 For if you go not with me…I pray I’ll never go!
Block each path, and close every door;
For your wisdom each day, I humbly plead;
Guide my steps, and lead on evermore.



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