Ordered Steps

By Rachel Hammett

I’ve been thinking about the two-fold meaning in the verse, “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord.” (Psalm 37:23)

First, there is the responsibility of the good (righteous, Godly) man to make sure that the steps he takes are ordered by the Lord. One who is interested in living right will want to seek God’s Word to find the best steps he can take. Every decision that must be made will be decided with the thought, “What does God want me to do?” at the very forefront. Conscientious is the word that comes to mind, because it is implied that it is every step he takes and not just some. This indicates there is a good deal of thought and prayer that goes into each individual step, and over time it becomes apparent that the Lord is the One who is leading, not just the good man.

Second, there is the promise of the Lord that He will order all the steps that the good man takes. In life, it often comes that we find ourselves walking in paths that we never anticipated. This is not by any fault or choice of our own, but just the natural flowing of life. We are affected by our government, our family, our workplace, our friends. All of these make decisions, sometimes without consulting us, and these decisions cause us to walk down roads that we cannot avoid. But even though that road might be unexpected, God knew all along that we would be there, and He has ordained it to be so. Every situation in my life, good or bad, was allowed by God in order to bring growth in my life (to make me more like Jesus Christ) and to bring Him glory.

Although I need to be looking to make sure that my steps are the ones ordered by God, it is a great comfort knowing that every situation He leads me through is one that He has brought about for my own good.



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