Beverly Hammett – Streams in the Desert

By Beverly Hammett

Dear Ladies,

I have learned many new things in the last two months—some willingly and some by default. Here is a run-down of some of those things.

* I learned how to dismantle the printer and bake the motherboard in the oven so it would work again. (Ask Sam about that one!)

* I am re-learning how to cook for only two people. Long ago, back when we were first married, I knew how to do that. But after having kids with us for all these years, I forgot how to do it. So now I am learning again. Actually, I would much rather cook for a crowd than just for 2 people.

* Along that same line, I am re-learning how to buy groceries for just two people. On the bright side, our grocery bill has been cut down very significantly.

* I learned where to go to pay the electric bill, the water bill, the rent, the phone bill, the internet bill, and the cell phone bill. Each of those requires going to a different place and standing in another queue.

* I learned where to go to get master rolls and ink for our Riso.

* I learned how to replace the ink cartridges in the other printer. (It is much more involved than it sounds.)

* I learned how to send out prayer letters, update my husband’s blog, edit video clips, find and edit our list of supporting churches, send e-mails to those churches, and how to download videos from the camera. (Note: I don’t claim to do any of those things very well yet—still learning!)

* I learned how to apply for an absentee ballot, how to retrieve the ballot and fill it out, and then mail it back to America. Hopefully, it arrives in time for the election.

* I learned the specifics for mailing a package back to America…and also how expensive it is.

Well, I think I will stop there, because just thinking about all those things is making my brain tired. As you can see, we depended on Rachel and Sam for a lot of things. But it also shows that you can learn new things—even when you are older and don’t want to!

All in all, things are going well. We praise the Lord for His grace and His faithfulness. Without His help, we would not have survived the last two months. But God’s timing is always right and His ways are always best. We rejoice in the engagement of Rachel and Ethan and look forward to what the Lord is going to do in their lives. Thank you all for your love and your prayers and e-mails. We look forward to seeing you in a couple months!


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