A Faith-Full Marriage

Review by Gina Hall

“A Faith-Full Marriage”

Building a Lifetime Love on Biblical Principles

By Paul Chappell

Every married couple should read about a godly marriage on a daily basis. Just five minutes a day will keep you motivated to work on your most important earthly relationship. Remember, good and godly marriages are no accident. They must be the first priority in your life after your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  In order to be all they need to be and all you want them to be, they need to be maintained daily.

This is a small 4 x6 book that will challenge you to fuel the fire of love in your marriage – practically and frequently.  We must stop thinking that our marriages are self sustaining, and get busy putting into our marriages, so we’ll have something to take out. We must renew our marriages daily and keep that fire kindled!

I took out a few excerpts from this book to get you started on wanting to read it all.

“The spiritual intimacy that only Christ can give, weaves its way into the fiber of the marriage relationship at a level nothing can touch.” P.13

“When God touches your marriage, it will go to a place you never thought possible.” P. 14 “He is the maker of marriage.” P.15

“The act of leaving, cleaving, and weaving is not something you conquer. It’s not a task that you check off your list to move on to another. This is a day by day, month by month, year by year process of growing.” P. 28

“Wise couples understand that the flame of love must be fueled regularly.” P. 64

“Your relationships are always in motion. They are always headed in some direction. They are either getting stronger or weaker.” P. 65

“Forgiveness in marriage is recognizing that God uses even the failures and the flaws of your spouse to challenge you to grow you in faith.” P.73

“Set aside time today to sit down and write out the good qualities of your spouse. Think of all the things that you can praise!”  P. 77

“Time is pivotal to keeping your love burning brightly!” P.79

“I challenge you to date your spouse weekly. I challenge you to block off several days every six months to get away together—retreat and recreate your love and commitment.”  P. 79 “Renewing a relationship isn’t difficult, but it is vital!”

This book is filled with practical advice on how you can grow stronger in your marriage and it will challenge you to keep growing!

Once you start reading this book, you may want to read the whole thing in one sitting.


You can purchase this book for $4.95 at http://www.strivingtogether.com


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