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By Kristin Hammett

Coming Home from a kid’s perspective….


 1.       What will you miss the most about Africa?

  • Joel (Age 7… 8 in a few days!) – Grandma & Grandpa Hammett
  • Anna (Age 6) – Cocoa (dog)
  • Luke (Age 3) – grapes


2.       What is your favorite thing about Africa?

  • Joel –  Kruger Park
  • Anna – Grandma & Grandpa Hammett
  • Luke – crackers


3.       What is your least favorite thing about Africa?

  • Joel – snakes
  • Anna – frogs
  • Luke – spiders


4.        What friends will you miss from South Africa?

  • Joel – Josh Wilhite
  • Anna – Nicole, Alayna Kuzel, Debrianna Wilhite
  • Luke – Jeremiah Wilhite


5.        What food will you miss from South Africa?

  • Joel – honey & boerwors
  • Anna – apple crisp
  • Luke – cookies


6.       What do we have to do before we go?

  • Joel – pack up all the clothes we need for a month, and then pack some toys for the airplane, and then go to bed
  • Anna – pack up all your things, go to bed, and eat breakfast
  • Luke – pack up and get some toys and go on the airplane


7.       What does mom need to pack in the suitcases?

  • Joel – clothes, computers
  • Anna – clothes
  • Luke – big boy pants


8.       What is one thing you will bring on the plane with you flying to America?

  • Joel – two stuffed animals
  • Anna – baby doll
  • Luke – cars


9.       What will you do after we get off the airplane?

  • Joel – hug Grandma & Grandpa Pierfy
  • Anna – zoom home and sleep
  • Luke – go eat lunch at a restaurant


10.   What is furlough?

  • Joel – when you go to tell all the churches of the work going on in Africa
  • Anna – celebration of Christmas
  • Luke – Pietersburg


11.   What does mom do on furlough?

  • Joel – travel around the world
  • Anna – spends time with dad
  • Luke – choo choo trains


12.   What does dad do on furlough?

  • Joel – travels to churches
  • Anna – spend time with mom
  • Luke – goes to the garage


13.   What is your most favorite thing in America?

  • Joel – BIG church
  • Anna – playing with cousins
  • Luke – spend time with mom


14.   What color is Grandma and Grandpa Pierfy’s house?

  • Joel – don’t know
  • Anna – white
  • Luke – red


15.   What color is the church?

  • Joel- white
  • Anna – white
  • Luke – blue


16.    What is something you look forward to doing “outside” in America?

  • Joel – swimming
  • Anna – playing with cousins
  • Luke – cars


Greetings from the land of cardboard and packing lists! I am SO thankful the weather has cooled off a bit. It is a beautiful time of year to be packing. We are in the process of packing up our entire house, and moving into a storage facility for the time we are on furlough. The house we were renting already has been rented out again after we leave. We will most likely have to find another place next term. God knew exactly where we needed to be this time, and knows where we need to be next time too. There are always people  we would probably have never met, except that God had placed us in the same neighborhood.

While at times the process is downright wearying and hard, a lot of is of course what we make of it. Kids find their security where we do.  We are constantly reminded to keep all of our focus on God’s goodness and provision – and that He is unchangeable, never leaving or forsaking us! I am glad for the stretching that it brings to me to be reminded how true security and comfort is not in circumstances, things, or even relationships that all come, go, and change but in knowing Him.  He truly is the anchor. I’d rather have Jesus, than anything!

Can’t wait to see our friends and family during the next several months. Being in our beloved Church is so looked forward to as well.  We definitely have our hearts in two places. We will miss the place where God has put us here. The need is so great, it makes it hard to leave when you consider the many that will go out into eternity this year even.  There are so many hurting people that need the Lord. God miraculously worked out our Visa situation to get them back and be approved for another 3 years!

Until then,




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  1. LOVE THE QUESTIONS AND THE RESPONSES. WHAT A PERSPECTIVE OF FURLOUGH FROM THEIR VIEW POINT. We miss you all and FEEL for you as you get ready to leave. Let me know how many boxes of tissues you go through crying. Love Donna

  2. I love Luke’s comments…I gather he likes cars and food! 🙂

    Can’t wait to see you soon!!!! I can’t believe it’s only three weeks!!!

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