Hide & Seek

By Kristin Hammett

I love hiding where I can see my kids, but they can’t see me.  I love to watch the creative ideas they come up with for hiding places. And how generous they are with the tiny spaces they think Mom can fit in!

We were reading the story of familiar Hagar together as a family. Bad circumstances, painful relationships, and details out of her control sent her fleeing to the wilderness. There the angel of the LORD, “found her“. (vs.7) She was given some directions that seemed downright hard, but were undergirded by the comforting words, “the LORD hath heard Thy affliction”. ( vs.11)

She called the name of the LORD that spake unto her: Thou God seest me: for she said,Have I also looked after Him that seeth me?” I read that again and again. Are we running around down here ‘looking’ for Him in our troubles when the whole time He sees us? He sees the trouble. He sees the pain. He sees the tears.  He sees you first.  That’s like my child looking for me, when all the while I see my child. No matter what you may be going through, remember God sees. Lift your eyes to Him.

On a personal note…

While you have been having a warmer winter with less snow, we are having a cooler summer with more rain. Cooler meaning 90’s not 100’s. :o) Where we live, though, we are surrounded by beautiful mountains which create a greenhouse effect in the valley (high humidity).  You would have to look at the thermometer to know that it is cooler!

I am still in shock that it is 2012! On Friday (Feb 3rd) it will have been 3 years since we left for our 2nd term here in Africa. Unbelievable! Life is so short. Friday also marks the expiration of our Visas. Everything has been submitted for renewal.  It seems as if the Lord is directing for a furlough the end of April /May 2012. That is not far away!  We will have to pack up the entire house, and find another one next term. So it’s about to get really crazy busy around here!

Anna celebrated her 6th birthday in January. Her favorite thing right now is reading.

Joel will be 8 in April of this year. His favorite thing right now is fishing.

Luke celebrated his 3rd birthday in November. His favorite thing right now is trains.

We’ve gotten a new grocery store that is wonderful and now carries Starbucks! Yeah!

The Lord has given many opportunities for hospitality in the past few months. We’ve had lots of people in our home, from friends, family, to complete strangers! We have met so many new people and said goodbye to a few too many as well.  But it has been neat to see how the Lord brought fruit from the World Cup Outreach over a year ago. Several have come to Christ indirectly from that outreach. One village has been opened up because of one man’s thirst for Truth and concern for his people to know the Truth.  There are many hurting people around all of us every day that need the Lord. May this little light of mine shine to my children and beyond.

In the wonder of His love,



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