Review by Gina Hall

Choices: By Beverly Hammett

Remember the children’s song: “Oh be careful little hands what you do; Oh be careful little eyes what you see; Oh be careful little mouth what you say: for the Father up above is looking down in love. Oh be careful…”? A friend said the other day, “We never grow out of that.” How true that is. It’s not just for little children. We will never grow out of being careful. What a great reminder.

This month I am going to recommend to you an excellent Bible study for Christian Women that will help you be careful.  It is written by our very own missionary wife, Beverly Hammett. This book will be a great guide in preparing you to make right choices daily.

Bev has done an excellent job writing on this all-important topic of Choices. Let’s face it – we make lots of choices everyday – probably hundreds, maybe thousands.  We can’t get away from them. So how would you like some bible wisdom on how to consistently make wise choices that will please God daily?

Here are few excerpts from her book:

pg.16 “Making a marriage work requires much work. It’s an area where we have many choices to make. The choices we make can affect whether we have a good marriage, a ho-hum marriage, or a bad marriage. The choice is up to us.”

pg. 39 “Envy and jealousy come in our life because we choose to feel badly towards another person. It is something we allow in our life by our own choice.”

pg.40 “If you allow envy in your life, you are actually letting Satan have control.”

Bev has written this lesson on the tongue on page 46: she says, “If your jaw has the tendency to run non-stop in high gear, you need to put the brakes on it, hard.”

pg.47 “Most ladies, even Christian ladies, are to some extent probably involved with rationalization gossip and innocent gossip.”If you want to know what type of gossip this is, read page 47. And if you would like to make sure you are not sinning in this area then take the 13 question test and find out.

As I go through this Bible Study, I keep hearing in my head the Chorus from Patch the Pirate song.  “Only two choices on the shelf pleasing your God or pleasing yourself. Every single day you win or lose. Everything depends on the one you choose. Only two choices on the shelf!”

This book is very pointed and practical.  There is so much to learn and relearn. If you read just 2 pages a day, you will have plenty of information to keep you making wise choices.  Every chapter has “Questions for Discussion and Things to Do.” You will not be left wondering how to apply these truths.

This book will make a great gift for yourself and every lady on your Christmas list.  Also this is an excellent study to do with a group of ladies. It could be purchased at our church bookstore and online as well at



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