Lessons from Newborn Days

By Abigail Pasterski

A few months ago, the Lord blessed our family with a healthy baby girl!  Our little Emma has been a delightful addition to our home.  Her newness hasn’t worn off yet, the big kids just love her to pieces! And as with each new addition, the Lord has taught me a few lessons, and reminded me of some old ones, too.  Here are a few of the things that the Lord has impressed upon my heart over these last months:

I am a human being, not a human doing. A labor and delivery nurse actually reminded me of this truth the day after Emma was born.  God did not make me to only accomplish, perform, organize, and complete tasks.  He made me to be still (Ps 46:10), rest in Him and wait patiently (Ps 37:7), praise Him, and enjoy the quiet moments.  This is a hard lesson, at times, for someone like me who likes to be moving, not sitting; accomplishing, not stagnating; and just generally productive, rather than passive.  The newborn days are filled with many hours of simply sitting: nursing, rocking, snuggling, thinking, and hopefully praying.  Rather than while those hours away, wishing to be up and doing something, the Lord has been using those hours to draw me to Him, speak to me in a still, small voice, and allow me to enjoy sweet hours of prayer as I cuddle my wee babe.  I am not merely a housekeeper, cook, or even a homeschooler.  I am called to glorify the Lord, as my primary occupation on this earth.  And secondly, I am a helpmeet to my husband and mother to these children.

KISS: Keep it sweet and simple.  Simple meals, simple schedules, simple activities, simple days.  As long as my family is nourished and well-fed, it doesn’t matter if the meal is elaborate or new.  It’s OK that there is dust on all of the furniture, and the floors could use a mopping.  As long as my husband is pleased with our home, and we’re not tripping over things, it’s alright to have a season where a lot of things aren’t in their place.

God’s grace is always enough. He is enough for me when I wake up tired in the morning, and go to bed exhausted at night.  When the only vehicle that can transport our family of six is out-of-commission, He can provide a way.  When things go wrong, items break down, relationships are tested, God is always there.  He has thoughts of peace (Jer 29:11), and a perfect plan.  He is always able to provide a way to bear it.  (I Cor 10:13)  In the middle of the night and in the middle of a busy afternoon,  Jesus is always all that I will ever need.

Time flies.  As I rock my sweet baby and chat with my ten-year old, I am reminded again and again that time flies.  It seems like she was just the wee babe in arms being rocked to sleep and now I can slip into her flip-flops to get the mail.  The baby days are so very short.  Coos and first giggles morph into deep, grown-up conversations.  Patty-cake is replaced with backyard soccer games.  Lullabies turn into piano lessons.  And sweet, little babies transform into sweet, growing young people right before our eyes.  I have been reminded to cherish the moments, even with six mouths to feed and more  laundry than ever before.

I praise the Lord for allowing me to see again His faithfulness and place of blessing as I sit and rock my sweet baby.  Perhaps you are going through a time of sitting and waiting.  Remember that His mercies are abundant and new every morning.  I hope that you will take some time to sit and enjoy them today!


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  1. Thanks for sharing Abbi, it truly is an amazing experience being a mom. Our children mold us into the parents that we are. I love the KISS, keep it simple and sweet.

    What a wonderful way for the ladies of LVBC to minister to other women. I love this “Grace and Honor” and will be reading it faithfully.

  2. This was precious. The Lord has blessed you with the gift of encouragement. As my almost three year old fell asleep in my arms tonight, I sat and enjoyed every moment of it for a long time. I cannot believe our baby is three. The oldest is 20. And this article was a delight to me. So, so true. Time flies. May God bless you as you continue to share for His glory.

  3. Thank you so much for this. It was an encouragement to me as I strive to be the best mother my children can have! And wife as well.

  4. Thank you so much for this. I also have a newborn and have been struggling with trying to keep up with it all. It was a good reminder that as long as my family is cared for the house can wait. I try to remind myself to cherish every moment. It does fly by so quickly.

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