Boys and Dirt

By Kristin Hammett

“How do I keep BOYS from playing with dirt, rocks, and bugs during church when they are sitting in a pile of it?”  This was a question popping into my mind during Sunday service this past week. Then I chuckled to myself at the interesting things life in Africa brings! On Sundays, we are under a very generous shade tree, in the plenteous dirt. We gather all our chairs in some type of a circle formation, but the shape of the ‘circle’ is usually determined by where the sun is shining. Luke was enthralled with this persistent little fly that was obviously playing a game of tag with him during the service. Usually, the dirt doesn’t call Anna’s name – usually. Sitting still under a shade tree looks a lot different than sitting still in a padded pew! 🙂 Yet regardless of what’s around you (or under you), it is true that all kids need gentle training on how to respect the preaching of God’s Word!

Schooling is in full swing. Some days though, it seems as if the swing falls off. I’m sure none of you ever have days like that. Keepin’ it real… 🙂  That is the biggest part of my day, obviously. We have rejoiced to see God at work in so many people’s lives. It has been a very busy time. There have been many who have walked away from Truth as well. There are so many hurting precious people, everywhere.  My greatest desire is to just be used of the Lord however He wants. It is difficult to relay what happens in two months. Every day is different. Every week is different. And sometimes – I can’t even keep all their names straight! Yet we serve a great God.

We enjoyed a trip to visit Grandma & Grandpa Hammett. It had been since Christmas-time since we were there last. It was a memorable and special time together. God has been so good to us. The highlight was of course a couple-day trip up north to Chobe National Park. Memories were made – even frightful ones like getting stuck, and almost colliding with an elephant. 🙂

It is such a joy to know that our wonderful, powerful, all-wise God has a perfect plan for each our lives. He just asks us to let Him have His way. His Way is perfect.

With Love,


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