Life is Tremendous

Review by Gina Hall

Life Is Tremendous by Charlie “Tremendous” Jones

Charlie Tremendous Jones guarantees that the reading of this book will be one of the most profitable things you have ever done. Executives and families have sat through this same 3 hour lecture several times in a twelve month period. So why is this such a valuable book to read? And why have these people taken so much time to hear and hear again the principles written in this book? I would like to share some of these life changing principles with you.

The first chapter is entitled, “Leadership is Learning to Live.” Charlie emphasizes that anyone not leading others in life is really not living. The person who recognizes this will never be bored, but the person who forgets or ignores it will be dead long before their funeral.

In this chapter, Charlie shares the first three steps for living a tremendous life.

First of all, learn to say something positive to everybody all the time. He is convinced that there is nothing that will brighten the atmosphere of a business, church or home like an enthusiastic person who offers a few positive words to others. This is something that needs to be cultivated and worked on. If not, you will find yourself drifting near the rocks of self-centeredness.

Secondly, learn to see something positive in everything that happens. If a man really wants to find something positive in any situation, he can. Developing this attitude is worth the effort.

Thirdly, learn to “See it Big” and to “Keep it Simple.” Charlie reminds us that it is our nature to see something small and then complicate it so that we can’t do anything about it. It takes discipline to see things a little bigger, and to keep things a little simpler.

In chapter 2, Charlie introduces the “Seven Laws of Leadership.”

The first law of leadership is not work as we usually think of it—thought it takes work—but learning to get excited about your work! Not someone else’s work, not the work I’m going to do someday. But the work I am doing now. What a difference it makes when we learn to get excited about the work we have today!

P.26 – “A lot of people think enthusiasm or a cheerful spirit is something that falls on you! I want to tell you this with all my heart: the most challenging thing you’ll ever face in your life is learning every day to be excited about what you’re doing. “

P.27 – “If you don’t have a sense of urgency about your work, ask God to give it to you, whatever your work is. Believe that he will and then act accordingly. Rather than wandering through life looking for something that never existed, get excited about your work now and begin to live!”

P.28 – “God gives everyone certain attributes, characteristics, talents, and then he says, ‘if you use what you have, I’ll increase it; but if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.’ Use it or lose it! It’s a law.”

P.28 – “No one is a failure until he blames somebody else. As long as you accept the blame for failure, you won’t be a failure because you’re in a position to change the situation!”

P.32 – “I’ve discovered that some of the things I resent about others are reflections of my own faults—-and I’ve been more tolerant since then!”

“Loyalty is something you give regardless of what you get back, and in giving loyalty you’re getting more loyalty. And out of loyalty flow other great qualities.

P.36 – “Even in discouragement and defeat, discipline will spur you on to keep constructively busy while you leave behind, doubt, worry and self pity.”

“If you ever give something to get something, you’re not giving in the true sense of the word, you’re trading.”

P.50 – “Flexible planning says to have a plan that enables you to roll with the punches, to adapt and adjust. Be learning to capitalize on things that go wrong, making them stepping stones of progress that makes the wrong things right – an exchange that anyone should appreciate.”

P.76 – “You must commit your life to a partner or career in order to grow and glow. The key to vocational success is not proper training, aptitude, or pull with the boss, but making the job decision, making it yours and dying by it.”

P.77 – “Conflict, striving, sacrificing—-not ease and rest—-make real men and women!”

These are just some of the things written in this book that will challenge you to live a more productive and tremendous life for the Lord.

I am planning on buying this book for everyone in my family because it holds so many biblical principles that are well worth reading and re- reading. You can purchase this book through


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