Waiting for Life to Start

By Rachel Hammett

Have you ever felt like some looming circumstance was preventing you from doing what God wanted you to do? Have you ever felt second-rate, just because you didn’t have a marital status? Have you ever wondered how you can be an influence when you don’t have a child? Have you ever felt you couldn’t be a witness when you don’t have a secular workplace?

Satan likes to lie to us. Maybe he has whispered this in your ear, “You aren’t important enough to do big things for God.” He likes to draw our attention to others and show how we don’t meet up. “You can never be important like they are, because their life is different than yours.”

There are no small people or small tasks in the kingdom of God. What if the small boy with his small lunch had not offered it to Jesus? What if the widow had never tossed her mite into the offering? What if the little girl had never told Naaman where he could receive healing?

God has something important for you to do, dear sister. It may not seem noble; it may not change the course of history. In God’s eyes, however, it is the most worthwhile thing you could be involved in today. It may be encouraging another person not to give up, pointing them to our eternal Savior who is strong when we are weak. It may be testifying to someone who has not yet believed, showing them with your own life that God changes lives. It may be raising your children to fear the Lord, it may be encouraging your husband in his ministry, it may be striving in the workplace to be the best testimony you can be. Whatever God has for you today should be the most significant thing on your agenda.

Have you ever marveled how such a tiny little acorn could grow a great big tree? God promises that any person, no matter their place in life or earthly situation, who goes and bears the seed of God’s Word, will doubtless come again with rejoicing. That’s a promise that each of us can claim!

“He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.” Psalm 126:6





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