That Little 3-Letter Word

By Jackie Gable

I’m sure you’re wondering which three-letter word to which I’m referring. It’s a word that perhaps strikes a little embarrassment, as well as a lot of curiosity, in your mind. Yet it’s something you’re familiar with—thanks to that box located in the middle of your family room. It’s most likely a verbal taboo amongst some of your friends and especially your parents! Yep, that three-letter word I’m talking about is sex. (Wipe that smile off your face, young lady ;o)

Now before you start accusing me of writing about a most inappropriate topic, ask yourself, “What is my view on sex—Does it make me think of wholesomeness and purity, or is it more like a sinful, lustful fantasy?” The Bible talks much about sex and clearly shows us it can either be a blessing (gift) from God, or it can create a curse in your life.

What God thinks-

Believe it or not, the Bible talks a lot about sex. Whenever it is spoken about within the bounds of marriage, God is very pleased with it. God created it to be a special bond between a husband and wife, not solely for the purpose of reproduction. God will always bless a couple in this area when they are submitted to doing things His way and not their own. Sex is not a bad thing, however, as teenagers, it should in no way be a part of your life or conversation. It is to be only discussed and considered after the commitment of marriage. Every “little” thought that occurs before its time, could result in destruction down the road.

Don’t be deceived-

Sex should not define you, or be your identity! You have a choice to either submit your heart and body to God’s higher calling, or use them to get pleasure when and wherever you wish. Whenever you allow yourself to feel the emotions attached to sex—whether physically or mentally—you exchange the protection and freedom of God’s truth with a host of self-serving, self-destructive lies. How many times are we drawn to movies, books, and TV where sex is the main ingredient? It “defines” the characters and sometimes is even the main plot.  The world is trying to tell you the only way you can really “know who you are” is by experiencing and embracing your sexuality. This is clearly not the plan of God. You can choose to identity yourself as a child of God, or as your own god with no higher agenda than your own satisfaction.

Sex is also a revealer of your heart. Jesus was pretty clear by saying adultery was not only an outward act of sin, but also an inward problem with lust. While we as girls may not have the same struggles and thoughts that the guys do, we can fall in this same area by obsessing and fantasizing about our very own “prince charming” with the media that we consume feeding those thoughts and desires. According to Ephesians 5, you are immoral when you give place to sexual thoughts, motives, desires, demands, and expectations. Teen translation: God sees you as an adulterer when you feast your eyes on movies or shows full of sexual behavior; when you think or verbalize that the guy across the room is “hot”; when you fantasize about a relationship with that “perfect guy”; and so on.

What should I do?

As hard as is it in today’s society, guard your heart! As much as that doesn’t make sense, guard your heart! As appealing as the world paints relations with the opposite sex, guard your heart! Remember your heart is your thoughts—check it often. Remember your thoughts affect your feelings, and your feelings affect your choices. Beware of what you watch, listen to, and think. Don’t forsake the wisdom of Proverbs 4:23 for it will save you from a host of hurt.



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