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By Kristin Hammett

Dear Ladies,

It’s a lovely Saturday afternoon here in South Africa.  As I write, I am sitting on my back porch. Everything is a very vibrant green with the recent rain we’ve had. There is a pleasant breeze blowing. There are a few exotic birds frolicking in the nearby tree. There is also a distant Patch the Pirate CD playing. 🙂

{{View from George’s office!}}

One of the things I love most about where we live in Africa, is all the lush plants and flowers everywhere. We actually do have ‘lilies that grow by the wayside’ here.  It is all so gorgeous and so well suited for the climate. The vegetation thrives in the warm, humid, sunny climate that is ours 3/4 of the year – or at least MOST people’s gardens thrive. We won’t talk about mine!

Just as there are shade-loving flowers and sun-soaking varieties, so we each are placed in a specific environment by the Master Husbandman, or Gardener.  Our Heavenly Father  knows us. He knows our make and frame (He’s gentle because He knows we are but dust).  So He places us in the terrain where it is best for us – where we’ll thrive!  It may be different than others, but His way is perfect. The Lord knows exactly what we need, how much, and in what season it is best. He also knows when pruning is necessary.  Pruning must not be despised. It means we’re going to bloom again! We are His workmanship. Christ calls us to flourish – to thrive – not just survive. By trusting in His grace, wisdom, and care we can bring beauty to those around us, and ultimately bring glory to the Master!

Consider the lilies how they grow: they toil not, they spin not; and yet I say unto you, that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

Luke 12:27


With Love,




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