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From Michelle Castner

Dear Ladies,

It is hard to believe that we are already a month into the new year.  I trust this finds all of you well and busy serving the Lord.  I know for some this new year has already begun with new challenges and for some of you it has begun by giving birth and welcoming a new life into your home!

We are in the midst of our summer here in Chile.  We just came back from a really great family vacation.  We were able to travel over into Argentina and spend a week there.  We did all kinds of fun things.  Some of our activities tested my endurance and comfort zone but there were no accidents and the only sufferings were some painful sun-burns!!  But even those did not last long!

We are back in Tome now catching up on laundry and getting everyone back into school until the beginning of February.  We will be headed back done south where we were living before the earthquake to participate in Teen camp.  We will be returning back to the place along the river that we have used for the last couple of years.  It looks like sister Teresa and I are the cooks this year.  We always enjoy camp and are looking forward to this one as well.

Things have been slow here in Tome.  I am still doing a Discipleship course with a young lady named Elsa.  She is always a blessing to me and encouragement.  She did 3 lessons while I was gone on vacation so we will be catching up and hopefully moving ahead.  There are some others that we continue to work with and we will see what the new year holds for them as far as their Christian growth.

This past week after we returned from vacation,  we found our Christmas cards waiting for us in our mail box!  We really enjoyed the beautiful cards and family pictures that so many of you sent!  Even though they did not quite make it for Christmas, they were still very special to us!  We love our church family and Lord willing, we hope to see you some time this year as we prepare for the first real furlough that we have had in the last 6 years!

May the Lord bless each of you as you begin a new year of service to the Lord.

With Love,

Michelle Castner



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