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By Kristin Hammett

Dear Ladies,

What a rainy time of year!   Our rainfall is one of the greatest in the area making it a lush tropical paradise.  It is not uncommon to a storm system move in for a week, without any taste of sun.  But it sure  cools things down. I love rainy days!!  To  us, the rainy season is frogs everywhere, abundant mozzies, power outages AFTER the storm passes :-), heavy humidity, and a hundred different shades of green, and  the scent of eucalyptus when a storm blows in.  Some people have to pay money for that scent in their home!

While driving home from the Wilhites’ one day, we headed towards the mountains. To get home, we go through the mountain pass to the valley below – where we live.  As the breath-taking mountains that encircle our town stretched out in front of us, both George and I commented on the amazing cloud formations. Like rich foam on a cup of cappuccino, the clouds were ominous and practically sitting on the tops of the mountains; hiding their true size. We were still quite a way from them, but it was plain to see that there was a storm system resting on the mountain. From where we were on the road, the sky was blue and clear all around, and above the storm system.

Sometimes storm clouds seem bigger than they are, don’t they?  When you’re in the valley, you might even be tempted to think that the sun isn’t shining at all. I thought, “If only the people in our town below knew just how bright and sunny it was just above those clouds.” They were probably complaining of the terrible inclement weather. But from another perspective – looking at the storm from a distance, we could see how insignificant the storm clouds were in comparison to the vast blue African sky. They couldn’t see it, but the sun was still shining.  No matter how violent of a storm it
was below, the sunshine that I could see looming above was bright and beautiful.

Then I wondered if that isn’t how the Lord’s perspective on our lives is! Our Almighty Lord is Supreme over all.  No storm happens apart from His control, and yet His tender mercies are over all His works,  (Psalm 145:8). Yet the storm is so ‘insignificant’  in comparison to the vast universe, and the brightness of His glory and His perfect eternal plan.  We sit in our ‘valley’ and all we can see is dark clouds, thunder, rain and wonder when it will ever stop and we will have sunshine again.  But oh for eyes to walk by faith not sight. Oh to remember that the sun has never stopped shining.
God’s love, God’s goodness, God’s mercies are never-ending. In fact they are new every morning.

Sometimes we live in the fantasy of how it seems to human eyes, instead of in the reality of WHO God is as revealed in the Word of God. He offers His promises as another perspective on the storm system in our valley, but so often we say, “But all I can see is storm clouds. I will sit here and grieve.” All the while the sun is shining from the perspective of the One who even the winds and waves obey. When we look to our Eternal God who is our Refuge, He whispers, “Peace be still”.

“Be still, my soul: the waves and winds still know His voice who ruled them while He dwelt below.”

What a precious thought!

With Love,



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  1. Thank you, Kristin! Your article is SO true! God’s perspective is never ours, and His is always better. We hide in our ‘valley’ and forget God is still on the throne!
    Thank you, again!

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