Let it Show, Let it Show, Let it Show!

By Jackie Gable

“In all things shewing thyself a pattern of good works…” Titus 2:7

It’s December and you know what that means – Christmas! It’s a time of food, gifts, fun music, snow days (hopefully) and time with family.

If you’re like me, seasons and holidays cause reflection and even a bit of goal-setting. Like Thanksgiving… “From now on, I’m going to be thankful everyday!” Good thought, it’s just hard to do. Although we’re human and prone to not keep our own commitments, that doesn’t mean it’s pointless to take these situations and learn more about ourselves – and even challenge ourselves.

You may already be singing the song, “Let it Snow,” but before the snow comes (and Christmas) take the time to sing another song – “Let it Show!” Okay, so it’s not an official song – just one in my own imagination right now – but you get my point. And just in case you don’t get my point, let me expound:

Friendliness – Principle or passion?

We all have our little circle of friends. Most of you Christian/home-schoolers really don’t have too much choice in friends. The selection is sometimes sparse. So what’s a girl to do? A tendency you may have, that’s not common in those who attend a much bigger school or church, is jealousy. You can get a little territorial with your one or two close friends and leave the others in the dust.

Webster defines friends as “one attached to another by affection or esteem.” In other words, attached to each other by love or respect, NOT by what you have in common. That definition may shock you because all your life you’ve chosen your friends based on common interests instead of whose character you respect or love. Do you want friendship mixed with drama, or stable ones that make you a better person? Don’t bypass a good friendship because you’re concerned with what others may think or how uncool they may make you. Rather, base it on your respect for their character and love for God – these may last a lifetime!

This Christmas show your friendliness all – even the unlovable, annoying, 7th graders – and choose your close friends by principle not passion.

Thankfulness – Your best beauty tip!

Just because Thanksgiving is over and all the turkey left-overs are eaten, doesn’t mean we should stop giving thanks. Start small…say thank you to every single person who gives you a gift this year. Write thank you notes, Facebook messages, or send e-cards to friends and family members. Don’t forget to take time to thank the Lord for all the things you have and get (or even the wants you didn’t get).

The Bible talks allot about the countenance of a person. Funny how you can spot a selfish, unthankful person from a mile away all because of their countenance! I don’t mean to be harsh, but I generally don’t see that kind of person as beautiful – even if everything about their physical appearance shows perfection. It’s the sweet, kind-spoken, and thankful individual that really makes an impression on me.

Want to be stunningly beautiful? Let your thankfulness show and there’ll be heads turning.

Discipleship – Let HIM show!

This is probably the hardest thing to do as a teenager. A serious support team is needed to really follow through. You announced the great news of your salvation, perhaps you’ve even been bold enough to be publically baptized. Yet you still struggle talking about Christ…taboo! There may even be a burning desire to talk about Him to your parents, your peers and in Sunday school class. But once you hear the words coming out of your mouth…bam – you withdraw.

To be a disciple means you “accept and assist in spreading the doctrines (or beliefs) of another,” Jesus Christ. You accepted Him as your own, but do you spread Him? Is He showing through your life? Make this goal, in honor of Christmas, to speak just once about your Savior. Share a specific truth God showed you from His Word, or how you saw Him working in a situation at school – at the dinner table or over Facebook, let Him show.

Purpose to let Him show this Christmas – in your friendships, in your countenance, and in your conversation.


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  1. Thank YOU …that was a good reminder —-giving outward thanks, brings inward peace, joy & contentment. Let it Show.

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