I Can. You Can Too!

Review by Gina Hall

This column was created for the purpose of inspiring others to grow in their Christian life by suggesting a variety of good, wholesome reading material.

The first book in this column is: I Can. You Can Too!

By: Mamie McCullough

Have you ever felt like you wanted to serve the Lord in a greater way, but it seemed that there was so much lacking in your life and circumstances, that you decided it was hopeless? That is exactly how Mamie McCullough felt as she looked at her life.

Mamie Claire Darlington was born in 1939 in the little, rural town of Dixie, Georgia. Her Father died when she was young, and her Mother had no education. This left the family in a difficult financial situation. Mamie’s mother, and her nine brothers and sisters were forced to move into a two story home that never had a coat of paint on it.  They had to face the struggles of life on their own.

Mamie’s upfront and open writing style made the book come alive to me. She willingly shares her joys and heartaches with her readers, so that we can learn from her experiences.

I have never been to Dixie, Georgia, but after reading Mamie McCullough’s book, I felt that I had. She describes herself in her teenage years as skinny, awkward, buck toothed and insecure. She had breathing problems that caused red blotches to break out all over her face when she was the least bit flustered. Throughout the book, you will find yourself laughing and crying with her as you discover the difficulties and obstacles she learned to overcome.

There are many Christian principles in her book that, if applied, will encourage and motivate you to do so much more for Christ than you ever thought possible.

Mamie uses the Bumble Bee as her mascot at the beginning of each chapter. Why? Because scientists have proven that it is proportionally impossible for a bumble bee to fly. Their body is much too heavy, and its wings are far too light. But the bumble bee doesn’t read, and it flies anyway!

Here are just a few excerpts from her book that I would like to share with you – short motivating statements that can help you, like the bumble bees, overcome your obstacles and be all you can be for God!

We don’t “go through” life, we grow through life.

Our mistakes are either stepping stones or stumbling blocks. You determine which by your willingness to learn.

We are responsible for how we react or respond to each situation in our life. It’s always easier to react rather than respond, but the wise option is to respond.

Making a mistake is no excuse for living a mistake.

Write down your victories – not matter how small – and regularly review them. Overcome your fear of failure by starting out with small successes.

If you don’t know how to do something, start. You’ll learn.

Nothing worth having comes easily. Persevere in the face of difficulty.

Like Albert Einstein, I believe we teach in three ways: by example, by example, and by example.

Remember to model the behavior and attitude you want the other person to have.

“A ship in a harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.”- Einstein

These are just a few of the life lessons she talks about. If you would like to read this book, we have a copy in our church library. (*See the section labeled “Christian Walk” 249.3 on the top shelf.)

If you would like your very own copy, please email me your name and address at (jghall09@gmail.com) and I will give you one FREE. (*Shipping will also be FREE!)

Please don’t hesitate to write to me. I bought these books so I could give them to others.


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  1. I have an “I CAN” can. Over the years the back of the can has somehow gotten wet. I would like to see what it says. Over the years I have looked at the eye on that can and made it through some tough times. I would like to get one for my classroom and my own children that is legalable. Please let me know if you know what I’m talking about. Thank you and God Bless

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