Who Am I?

By Jackie Gable

“…that we may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.” –James 1:4b

Think about the days you spend as a single person. You work hard, have big dreams and desires, and often imagine your future life. It’s a time of “finding out who you are.” Many a single struggles in this area of not knowing who they are, or being OK with who they are. Perhaps it’s due to failures, complacency, unthankfulness, or discontentment. You can discover who you are and God’s perfect plan for your life.

The first step in identifying who you are is to see yourself as God sees you. The Bible defines us as having three parts: body (physical), soul (emotions, personality, desires), and spirit (connection to God). Each part plays a special and significant role in our daily lives. Finding your identity is not found in watching TV and identifying with the characters, or making friends, or learning something new to add to your resume. It is identifying with Jesus Christ, not another person, or even you! How much time do you spend cultivating each part of you?

Webster defines identity as “sameness, as distinguished from similitude and diversity; the quality or condition of being the same as something else.”

The goal of a single person should be to get to a place of personal acceptance (finding out who you are)…here are some ways:

-Don’t be afraid of yourself. The only way you can know who you are is by spending time with yourself. Ditch the iPod, computer, TV and Facebook and spend some time alone to think, pray, and meditate on life and God’s Word, and listen for God’s voice (Psalm 46:10). David wrote hundreds of psalms because he had time to think, pray, and meditate while watching a bunch of sheep…alone.

-Enjoy all the pleasures of life: food, drink, and work. Ecclesiastes 5:18 says, “Behold that which I have seen: it is good and comely for one to eat and to drink, and to enjoy the good of all his labour…” Take pleasure in eating and drinking. Work, too, should be pleasurable. If you don’t enjoy your job, then find work that you can enjoy or, more importantly be thankful and enjoy the work you do!

-Know your limits. Know what you can and cannot do. You do not have to be the best pianist, vocalist, student, teacher, fashionist, writer, blogger, graphic designer, bulletin-boarder, artist, decorator, gift-giver, etc. Know your own faults, and your own mortality. Know you can’t do it all, go everywhere, buy one of each, or be everything. Do your best in everything, don’t be discouraged by failure, and most importantly know your strengths and weaknesses.

-Lose your identity in Christ (Galatians 2:20). Know your place in relation to God. Would you be a Christian if you were all alone?  Stop trying to please your family and friends and be the best at everything for acceptance. Redirect your actions for the sole purpose of pleasing God.

Do you feel weary, inadequate, lonely, empty, wanting, and anything but perfect? Perhaps it’s time to take your focus off of self (who am I?) and place it upon your Savior (who HE is). Only Jesus – not a husband, career, position or earthly procession – can complete you and make you perfect and entire, wanting nothing.


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  1. been getting off track lately..and to read this brought me back to keeping my eyes on the Lord..and the statement focus off self and place it upon my Savior and who HE is!!! what a blessing..turn all over to the Lord..
    thank you for this blessing

  2. May I use some of your articles in a monthly paper I write for the ladies in my church. I am a pastor’s wife and am always looking for interesting articles and encouragements for the ladies. Please send me a response as soon as you can. What a blessing to read all of these articles from women like me. God bless you.

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