As you can see, we’ve done some rearranging on our site. Scroll down through this home page to see the latest articles that have been added, or use the navigation tools on the right to chose a column or author. You will notice that the home page contains a small picture and a short excerpt from each article. In order to keep reading, click the “Continue reading” link, then be sure to leave a comment before coming back to read the next article!

We’ve also done some rearranging of our usual columns. Beverly Hammett has opened a missionary wife’s column entitled Streams in the Desert; Elizabeth Roy has begun a new column entitled Onward and Upward and Jackie Gable has begun a new young ladies’ column entitled Teens After God’s Heart and we look forward to adding a new author to the Singleness of Heart column in the near future.

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  1. I like the new set up for Grace and Honor. It’s user friendly and visually appealing.

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