Michelle’s October Update

From Michelle Castner

Dear Ladies,

Greetings from the USA! As many of you know our family was able to come home at the beginning of September for a Memorial Service for my father-in-law. After 6 years of living with us in Chile, my father-in-law died in the hospital where we live in Tome due to complications from kidney failure. We are thankful to the Lord for the time that we were able to take care of Garry’s dad. It was an experience that will stay in our hearts forever. We learned a lot of important lessons that will hopefully make us more sensitive to the needs of others.

As I am writing, Hannah, Timmy, Joshua and I are enjoying a couple of weeks visiting my mom, sister and brother and their families. Garry and Andrew have already headed back to Chile and we will be following them next week. A heart-felt thanks to all of you that have prayed for us and have supported our family during this time of grief. We have felt God’s love through you and it has really been a blessing and help to us. Thank you to all of you that have fed us and taken time out in your busy schedules to fellowship with us! We love you!



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  1. Hi Sister Michelle may our Lord Jesus Christ be with you at all times and we continue to pray in our daily prayers


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