Mommy Obedience

By Abigail Pasterski

I was reading through the 112th Psalm recently and came across these words in verses 1 and 2…

“Praise ye the LORD.  Blessed is the man that feareth the LORD, that delighteth greatly in his commandments.  His seed shall be mighty upon earth; the generation of the upright shall be blessed.”

The verses that follow go on to outline many more blessings which are promised to those who fear the Lord, and obey His commandments.  But the promise found in verse two was the one that really caught my attention:  “His seed shall be mighty upon earth; the generation of the upright shall be blessed.”  What a priceless promise to parents!  I’m sure that you, like me, want nothing more than to see your children serving the Lord, walking in truth, and being lead by Him all their days!  God has promised that our children will be mighty on the earth and be a blessed generation if we do what in verse one?  Fear the Lord and delight greatly in His commandments.  Hhhmm…am I delighting greatly in His commandments on a daily basis?  Is my life characterized by a fear of the Lord?  I’m not talking about what others see of my life, but what do my children see?  Or my husband?  Most importantly, what does God see?  Are there any commandments that I’m not following?  Can I say that I delight greatly in them?

Obedience to God is sometimes very hard, but yet it’s a simple thing that we strive to teach our children on a daily basis.  And even though some of us have been saved for many years, there are still days that we find ourselves struggling with matters of simple obedience, isn’t there?  Choosing the right attitude, thoughts, words…  deciding to rejoice rather than complain, to respect rather than criticize, to bear all things, rejoice in truth, hope all things…  These are all struggles that we moms can find ourselves in each day and the path we’re instructed to follow is one of simple obedience.

God works on each of us in different areas and according to different timetables, but I’m sure that if you are a child of His, you can probably identify rather quickly what He is putting His finger on in your life.  It doesn’t always feel good does it?  How do we want our child to respond when we point out an area in his life that needs to be corrected?  In our house we often remind our kids that obedience is “immediate, complete, and sweet.”  Is Mommy obeying God that way?  What a challenge- that God wants us mothers to respond to Him that way, and this precious promise is attached to it!  Next time you feel the Holy Spirit’s conviction about an area in your life, respond with childlike obedience and remember that God reserves special blessings to those parents who walk in the fear of the Lord and delight greatly in His commandments!



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